Soulnd – Soul:r Vinyl only Mix (Juli 2017)

Aufgrund aktueller Geschehnisse hat sich Soulnd seine liebsten Soul:r Platten geschnappt und sie zu diesem wunderbaren Mix verwoben. #4Marcus


LSB ft. Sense MC – Pandora
Bungle – Aura
M.I.S.T. vs Marky & XRS – Sunshine (Touch Me)
Calibre – Interphaze
Total Science – Dee Pee
Sonic & Silver – Under The Sun
ST.Cal – Red Light
Marcus Intalex ft. DRS, Chimpo, Fox, Rolla, Skittles & Strategy – Bun Ya Too
MISTiCAL – Memory Jog
Lynx ft. Kemo – Carnivale
Lomax – Too Real
Kid Drama – What Used To Be
MISTiCAL ft. DRS – The Eleventh Hour
Instra:mental – Hunter
Enei ft. DRS – Count to Ten VIP
Commix – Underwater Scene
Lynx, Alix Perez ft. Kemo – Dangerous
Atlantic Connection – Skeleton Man
Zero T & Mosus – Monarch
Calibre – In Denial
Anile – Depths
dBridge – On Your Mind
The Invaderz – You Bring Me
M.I.S.T. vs High Contrast – 3am
MISTiCAL ft. Ras T-Weed – Mistical Soulution
ST Cal – Henshaw Dub
Marcus Intalex & Lynx ft. Danny Fierce – Climbing Up The Walls
ST.Files – Crackden
Dub Phizix ft. DRS – Diablo
Skeptical – Tundra
DJ Die ft. DRS – Raptors
LSB – Tumult
Marcus Intalex The Guillotine
Utah Jazz ft. DRS – Sin
FD – Ice 690
Break – Come & Get It
Jubei ft. DRS – The Puppeteer
S.P.Y – Monochrome
Seba – Dark Horse
Marcus Intalex ft. DRS – Mixed Bag

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