Dubbalot – dpr_xs_podcast_35 (Mai 2017)

Die Menschen bei Deeper Access haben einfach einen guten Geschmack, darum gibt’s hier auch ohne große Umschweife die neueste Ausgabe – diesmal gemixt von Dubbalot aus Leipzig. Der mixt sich getreu dem Namen durch deepen Drum & Bass und düstere Halftime Nummern.


Hidden Turn – Begin [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Om Unit – The Mirror [Cosmic Bridge]
Hatti Vatti & Es.tereo – Forgotten Scores [Absys Records]
Maidable – Trudge [Rubik]
DJ Madd – Trenchtown Techno [Cosmic Bridge]
dBridge – Better Than The Pain [Exit Records]
Dominic Ridgway – Your Face Still Haunts Me [Urban Poetry]
RUZ – Prophet Of Doom & Gloom [Alphacut]
Urban Trip – April [Monochrome]
Concealed Identity – Levanter [Narratives Music]
Heatwave – Follow You Around [Regression Media]
Chris Inperspective – Hard Lip Kiss [Cylon Recordings]
Rhyming In Fives – Exposed [Narratives Music]
Margari’s Kid – Halt [Cosmic Bridge]
Khords – Polar Deviance [Inception Audio]
Owl & ILL_K – Swing Water [Absys Records]
Hidden Turn – Something [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Thing – Dark Clouds Ahead [Dubthing]
Hidden Turn – Over [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Blu Mar Ten – Last Life In The Universe [Blu Mar Ten Music]

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