Solid Sonority – Sound Five (Februar 2017)

Letzte Woche gab es eine neue Ausgabe von Solid Sonority und ich freue mich sehr, dass neben den ganzen anderen exzellenten Tunes, die Dubbalot und Vicky da wieder selektiert haben, auch ein neuer Tune von Through These Eyes in der Tracklist auftaucht. Vielen Dank nach Leipzig an dieser Stelle für den Support!


MC DRS ft. Patife & Vangeliez – I Will [Soul:R]
Satl – Rescue Me [Shogun Audio]
Blu Mar Ten – Empire State [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Big Bud & Roygreen & Protone & Dual – Gospodi [Demand Records]
Blu Mar Ten ft. Kite – Singularity [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Mutt & Tedder – Sinnerman [Fokuz Recordings]
Quadrant & Iris – Scattershot (Nymfo Remix) [Vandal Ltd]
HLZ ft. Awakem – From The Past [The Dreamers Recordings]
The Green Man ft. Sheela Gathright – Infinity 3000 [Dread Recordings]
Bcee – Come And Join Us (Klute Remix) [Spearhead]
Ulterior Motive ft. James Sunderland – Muted (Mark System Remix) [Metalheadz] // T-O-P
Ulterior Motive – Jungle Jam [Shogun Audio]
Break – Not Forgotten [Symmetrie Recordings]
The Nextmen ft. Nu:Logic & Kiko Bun – The Corner [Play Nice]
Fracture – Back Up In This [Astrophonica]
Denial – Killer Inside (Spirit Remix) [Siren Audio]
DLR ft. Gusto – Dreamland [Dispatch Recordings]
Anile – Allergens [Med School] // Visitor
Serum & Paul T & Edward Oberon – In Too Deep [V Recordings]
Serum – Wiretap VIP [Chronic]
J:Kenzo – Assemble [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Lynx & Kemo ft. Bango Collective & Dennis Jones – Apocalypse [Soul:R] // Heritage
Alia Fresco – Break Me Out [Convex Industries]
Khords – Polar Deviance [Inception Audio]
Heatwave – Sunburst [Plush Recordings] // Here
Om Unit – Healing Rain [Civil Music]
DLR – Lucid Dreaming [Dispatch Recordings]
Om Unit – Le Singe [Free DL]
Thing – Dark Clouds Ahead [Dubthing]
Deft – No More [Project Mooncircle]
Folding City – On Point [Through These Eyes]
Om Unit & Sam Binga – Optimist Prime [Bunit] // Future
Hidden Turn – Walk On The Wild Side [Free DL]
Sinistarr – #Accidentaldeathing [20/20 LDN]
Chimpo – Bedsprings Riddim [Exit Records]
Neve – I Love You [The Dreamers Recordings]
OneMind – 2 On Each Side [Metalheadz]
Beatnok – Organix [AGN7 Audio]
Button Eyes – Burn It Down [Project Mooncircle]
Blu Mar Ten ft. Kite – Fall From Grace [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Mikarma – Sonder [Short Trips]
Mikarma – Engram 2.2 (But Here) [Convex Industries]
Urbandawn – Moonlight Lullaby [Med School]

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