Panacea – Big Bad Head Mix (2002)

Im Jahre 2002 veröffentlichte Herr Panacea einen Old School Mix der Extraklasse, der Raver Herzen höher schlagen lässt. Schnell gemixt, alle Klassiker drin, weisse Handschuh an, ab geht’s!


1 Secret Squirrel & A.J Flex Jungle Squirrel (Remix)
2 Double X-Posure Go With The Flow
3 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer In Effect (Remix)
4 Rotating Heads Dark Secrets
5 DJ Mayhem Cold Acid
6 Alec Empire Bass Terror
7 China White (2) High And Dry (Remix)
8 Edge Of Darkness Come Together (After Dark Remix)
9 Enforcer Dam Tuff
10 DJ Krome & Mr. Time The License
11 DJ Ileagle Testify
12 DJ Vibes Obsession
13 Ramos + Supreme Crowd Control
14 Dream (3) Power Of Darkness
15 Cybernetic Empire Equinox
16 Orca 4AM
17 Alec Empire Hetzjagd (Auf Nazis!)
18 Anti-Chaos Crazy Jungle
19 Mole The Dipper Too Positive
20 Acen Window In The Sky (Kingdom Of Light)
21 Cybernetic Empire Ozone Storm
22 DJ SS Pulsation
23 Mole The Dipper Eye Of The Dinosaur (Remix)
24 Bizzy B. & Technochild Dubplate Wars
25 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer You Are The One
26 T.D.K. & Bizzy B Warp Factor (94 Revamp T.D.K. Mix)
27 Intense The Quickening
28 Edge Of Darkness Hell Raiser
29 Eliminators, The (2) Soothe My Soul
30 Bay-B-Kane Don’t Make Me Vexed
31 Double X-Posure Ultracore
32 Cru-L-T Snow In Summer
33 Oz Beat Untitled
34 Questionmark ? (Volume 1)
35 Luna C – Project I Know U (D’Cruze Remix)
36 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer Gotta Release
37 DJ Fokus Chill Out
38 Xenophobia Rush In The House
39 Q-Project Champion Sound
40 Dream Frequency One Nation (Remix)
41 D’Cruze Life (Remix)
42 Desired State Dance The Dream (Remix)
43 Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era Further Out ( Da Far Out Remix)
44 Dream Frequency Euphoria (Force Mix)
45 Frequency Kiss The Sky
46 Shut Up & Dance Raving I


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