Anile & MC Fokus – GRAM Agency Podcast #9 (31.08.2010)

Anile mit seinem trockenem und tiefem Drum & Bass Sounds und darüber MC Fokus mit guten Lyrics und perfektem Hosting!


01.Anile – Disaffected (DeepSoul Music Dub)
02.DLR & Octane feat. Survival – Transition ( Renegade Hardware Dub)
03.Zero T & Ulterior Motive – Breach (Subtitles)
04.Nymfo – Off Radar (Project 51)
05.Anile – Last March (DeepSoul Music Dub)
06.DLR & Octane – The Fly (Sonorous Dub)
07.Anile – Induction (DeepSoul Music)
08.Raiden – Vo Dub (Critical Dub)
09.Triad – Out Of Scale (X-Tinction Agenda Dub)
10.Genotype – Mystical (Offkey Dub)
11.Anile & Dakosa – Replicant (DeepSoul Music Dub)
12.Gremlinz – Armshouse (Digital Soundboy Dub)
13.BTK feat 2SHY – Unknown (Dub)
14.Ulterior Motive – Glued (Subtitles)
15.Sinistarr & K Dan – Apollo (Tech:noir Dub)
16.S.P.Y – By Your Side (Spearhead Dub)

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