Mary Anne Hobbs – BBC Radio 1 Experimental (15.07.10)

Diese Woche gibt es exklusive Sessions von Doc Daneeka, Altered Natives und Girl Unit!


Braiden – The Alps [Dubplate]
Roman Lindau – Keppra [Ostgut Ton]
D U N I A N – Where Is The Problem [Dubplate]
Super – Wavecatcher (from the ‘Side A’ EP) [Hellfyre Club]
Ramadanman – Work Them [Swamp 81]
Julio Bashmore – Footsteppin [Ten Thousand Yen]
Headhunter & Gatekeeper – Jellyfish [Transistor]
Daddy Kev – Itsy Bitsy Spider [Dubplate]
Onra – The One [All City]
kidkanevil – Minjo (Blue Daisy Remix from the EP ‘Basho Basho Remixed EP One’) [Kudos Records]
Deep Teknologi – Getting Mine [Dubplate]

Altered Natives – 18 Ghost Hands [Exclusive]
Altered Natives – Immortality King [Serial Vendetta]
Altered Natives – Out of Existence [Serial Vendetta]
Altered Natives – Hideous [Exclusive]
Altered Natives – Via Dolorosa [Exclusive]
Altered Natives – Ooobiedoob [Exclusive]

Nguzunguzu – Mirage [Forthcoming Silverback Recordings]
Girl Unit – Shade On [Night Slugs]
Kingdom – Fogs [Forthcoming Night Slugs]
S-X – Woooo Instrumental [Stay Fresh]
C.R.S.T – The Bells (Girl Unit Remix) [Car Crash Set]
Girl Unit – Irl [Night Slugs]
Girl Unit – Every Time [Unreleased]
Girl Unit – Wut [Forthcoming Night Slugs]

Doc Daneeka feat. Ratcatcher – Copz [PTN Dub]
Stush vs Hard House Banton – Mi Na Run [Unreleased]
Doc Daneeka – ElectricSandwichRhythm [PTN Dub]
Zds – Esperanto [Solo Mix]
Doc Daneeka – Drums In The Deep [Fabric]
Doc Daneeka – Marios Mushrooms [PTN Dub]
Julio Bashmore – Chazm [TenThousandYen]
Doc Daneeka (feat. Mayorman) – Like A Fool [PTN dub]

Sam KDC – Detached [31 Recordings]
Take – Face The Squad [Dubplate]
Roof Light – Outline To Cross [Dubplate]
Maxta – East London Is Back [Urban Development]

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