Mary Anne Hobbs – BBC Radio 1 Experimental (08.04.10)



Pudge – Yung Infamous [Dubplate]
ASC – Halcyon Rays [Dubpate]
Egyptrixx – Hexagon Ya [Ramp]
Shinobi & Kase – Dirty Girl (Boodah remix) [Dubplate]
Kavsrave – PClart [Numbers]
Ikos – Hades Voice [Dubplate]
XI – Superwhatever [Dubplate]

Asura – Tensor Model [Unreleased]
Asura – Sleepers [Unreleased]
Anenon – One and the Same (Asura No Airhorns Remix) [Unreleased]
Asura – Sand and Soil [Unreleased]
MatthewDavid – Disk Selection 14 (Asura Remix) [Unreleased]
Asura – The Ocean [Unreleased]
Ana Caravelle – Blackberries / Asura Source [Unreleased]
Asura – Silver Trees / My Own Sky [Unreleased]
Asura – Hottamdas [Unreleased]
Asura – Feathers [Non Projects]
Asura – Untitled (Stop Running Away From Love) [Unreleased]

Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane [Warp]
SRC – Gold Coinz [Numbers]
James Fox – Put It Back [Take]

Dr Strangeloop – Intro / In The Beginning [Unreleased]
Dr Strangeloop – Utopia or Dystopia / Mining An Ancient Technology [Unreleased]
Dr Strangeloop – Zardoz Speaks / Out With The Old Gods / Breaking Its DNA Code [Unreleased]
Dr Strangeloop – Dubshapes / Parallel Processing / Neuro-tronic Automata [Unreleased]
Dr Strangeloop – Brave New Mind-Set / Consciousness Adaptation [Unreleased]
Dr Strangeloop – The New Gods / Transcendental Awakening [Unreleased]

Alex B – Talk It Out (from the LP Moments) [Elm & Oak]
Procedure – Sunshowers [Dubplate]
Kowton – Hunger [Idle Hands]

Young Montana? –
Young Montana? – Sacré Cool
American Men – Cccool World (Young Montana? Remix)
Young Montana? – Repetition
Heralds of Change – Show You (Young Montana? Remix, teaser)
Young Montana? – Hot Heathrr

Joaan – 115 State [7even]
T. Williams – Afric [Local Action Records]
Dj Q – Will I Ever Be Free [Dubplate]

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