N-Type über „sich das erste Mal vor einer Crowd blamieren“

But recently I done a good one…I was playing in Sheffield at the Valve Soundsystem night. I had just finished my set and the dance was having it – a good 1500 people. One of the MCs said “yo, your mate is at the front”, so I went over to the front of the stage to say hello. I leaned down, the crowd started reaching up, so I went to put my foot on what I thought was a speaker but it was a clean drop! I stacked it off the front of the stage on to some birds at the front and my left leg was still up on the stage so I couldn’t get back up! One of the MCs had to come and pull me off the crowd and back up on stage. I looked at the crowd and bare people had their hands over their mouths in shock. Then I realised I had ripped my jeans from the crotch half way down my leg and my red tartan boxer shorts (you know the boxers your mum buys you for Christmas that are comfortable but look fucking terrible but you wear them anyways because you don’t think anyone’s gonna see them?) popped out for all to see! I just hope the Leng Farder didn’t make an appearance too! I was like “help me nooooooooo!” For the next few months I did panic searches on YouTube for “N-Type falls of stage and gets his old boy out”…luckily nothing yet!

via datatransmission

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