Mary Anne Hobbs – BBC Radio 1 Experimental with Kode9 (08.10.09)

Diesmal mit Kode9 als Gast!

Machine Drum feat ie. MEGR – ‘911′ from the LP ‘Want To 1 2? (White Label)
Headhunter – ‘Sex At The Prom’ (Tempa)
Thavius Beck – ‘Away’ [Flying Lotus Mix] (Dig Dada)
Invasion vs Shackleton – ‘Wizards In Dub Part 2′ (Less Music)
Alice Coltraine – ‘Ganesha’ from the LP ‘Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana’ (Wounded Bird Records)
Blue Daisy feat Anneka – ‘Blood Petals & Roses’ (Dubplate)
Dam Funk – ‘West’ from the new LP ‘Toeachizown’ (Stones Throw)
Claro Intelecto – ‘Chadderton’ (Modern Love)

Kode 9 in the Mix
2562 – ‘Intro’
2562 – ‘Flashback’
Cooly G – ‘He da Biz’
Zomby – ‘Untitled’
Geneus ft. Ms. Dynamite – ‘Crackish’
Kode9 – ‘Black Sun’
Grevious Angel – ‘Get Down Low’ [Unreleased Mix]
DJ Mystery – ‘Speechless’ [DJ Naughty Mix]
DVA – ‘Natty’
Roska – ‘I Need Love’
Moska – ‘Square One’
Ikonika – ‘Psoriasis’
Fuzzy Logic – ‘In the Morning’
Fuzzy Logic – ‘Roots’
DJ Mujava – ‘Please Mugwante’

Kito – ‘On The Floor’ (Disfigured Dubz)
Moldy – ‘Regenerate (Death Of Bro’step)’ (Dubplate)

Al Tourettes in the Mix
Al Tourettes – ‘Body Logic’ (Bonus Round Records)
Al Tourettes – ‘The Next Meal’ (Unreleased)
Al Tourettes – ‘She Shimmers’ (Unreleased)

Komonazmuk – ‘Dance Too’ (Dubplate)
Hudson Mohawke – ‘Spotted’ (All City)
Scuba – ‘Aesaunic’ (Hotflush)

Nur der Kode9 Mix rausgeschnippelt findet sich hier: SENDSPACE LINK

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