Dubstep Allstars 7 – mixed by Chef & Ramadanman

Endlich hat das Warten ein Ende und Tempa beschert uns die neue Dubstep Allstars CD. Dieses mal wieder eine Doppel CD und die Auswahl der DJs plus die beiden Tracklists lassen mir schon das Wasser im Mund zusammenlaufen!!
Tracklists nach dem Klick…

Tracklist CD1 mixed by DJ Chef:

1 Dub Mechanics Main Goal
2 Chefal & Coki Feat. Doctor Stages
3 G Double E The Highest
4 Von D Feat. Lady Phe Phe Show Me
5 Von D Feat. Lady Phe Phe Show Me [Skreamix]
6 Kito LFO
7 DJ 2000F and J Kamata They Dont Know What Love Is [Chef VIP Special]
8 Dub Mechanics Spotted
9 Cyrus Sleeper [Chef VIP Special]
10 Mala Level 9
11 Mr Lager Feat. Alys Be Tell Me [Distance RMX]
12 Mr Lager Feat. Alys Be Tell Me [Von D RMX]
13 Conquest The Unknown
14 Benga Man On A Mission [Chef VIP Special]
15 Silkie 51 Times Stronger
16 Noah D / Cotti / Unknown Artist Seeeriouss [Chef VIP Special] / Real Hustler [Chef VIP Special] / Gangster For Life
17 Benga iTunes
18 Ghost Think Theyre Greezy
19 Silkie Untitled
20 Christine Vaccine Fever [Kito RMX]
21 Distance No Warning
22 LD Fibre Optics
23 Silkie Float
24 LD Day Dreamin
25 Mr Lager Four Leaf Clover
26 LD Hard Skank
27 Chef Sub Soca
28 Trolley Snatcha The Future
29 Kutz Itch [Chef VIP Special]
30 Skream WTF
31 Silkie Full Moon
32 Cluekid 09 Lick [Chef VIP Special]
33 Benga Who Remembers
34 D1 Just Business

Tracklist CD 2 mixed by Ramadanman

1 Ramadanman Tread
2 Untold & D Franklin Beacon
3 Peverelist Bluez
4 Blawan Fram
5 Mickey Pearce Innami
6 Footsie Untitled
7 Untold I Cant Stop This Feeling [Pangaea RMX]
8 Scuba Tense
9 Ramadanman I Beg You
10 Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce Tripped Up
11 Pangaea Router
12 Ramadanman Old Thumbs
13 Peverelist Jarvik Mindstate
14 Martyn Vancouver
15 Headhunter OSS
16 Ramadanman Revenue [Untold RMX]
17 RSD Over It
18 D1 Subzero
19 James Blake Sparing The Horses
20 Quest Arawak
21 Joe Untitled
22 Ramadanman Humber
23 Skream Feat. Earl 16 Tune In A Dub Tribute
24 Compound One Space Odyssey
25 Pangaea Why
26 Untold Stop What Youre Doing
27 Mount Kimbie 50 Mile View

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