Der beste Pressetext des Jahres…

…stammt von Ramp Recordings und beschreibt die neue EP von Zomby. Naja, mehr oder weniger.

Once upon a time, there was a band called The Cure, who had a front man named Robert Smith. Robert was an emotional being, who was always looking to test his boundaries and search out new experiences. After touring the Germany in the early 80’s with his band of eyeliner encrusted over-emotional Goth-men, Robert began a non-sexual but intensely intimate relationship with Florian Schneider, front man of Electro forefathers, Kraftwerk. The unlikely couple decided to experiment with the then new science of gene splicing. After a few horrific failed attempts, they finally managed to successfully cross their DNA into the vessel of a baby boy. Months past, and it became disturbingly apparent that they two men, who at the time were at the peaks of their careers, had created a being of pure evil. They decided to enlist the help of the 4’2 purple sex-pest Prince to drown the young baby in a sea of colours and tears, and endeavor to move on with their lives alone, ever trying to forget the horrific experiences the child had graced upon their lives.

For many years, the baby’s soul circled the earth, crying pixels and watching women get undressed in locker rooms and stuff, for he is just a soul, and invisible to the human eye, and can get away with that kind of thing. The child found out there was a way to come back from the dead in some kind of Hellraiser type puzzle themed ritual, and hark, the boy (who was now a man) did indeed rise from the dead, and yes, he did once again walk the earth with the sole intent of wrong-doing.

That boy is Zomby, and this is his new EP.


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