Robyn – When Robots Take Over (Mai 2009)

Mal wieder was in eigener Sache: ein Promo Mix den ich für die Party mit Robotic hier in Bielefeld gemacht habe.
Erwarten tun euch 60 Minuten Dubstep und Techno.



01.Myrkur – Skttrbrain [F.4.T.]
02.Roke – Anabolabim [unsigned]
03.Appleblim & Geiom – Shreds [Berkane Sol]
04.F – Phase One [7even]
05.Crisis.Dub – Render [unsigned]
06.Kontext – Plumes (Relocate Remix) [Immerse]
07.TRG – They Know (Berlin Wall VIP Mix) [Immerse]
08.Prototype – Dream Of Dub [unsigned]
09.2562 – Kontrol [Tectonic]
10.Wireman Axiom [Prime Numbers]
11.Pangaea – Bear Witness [Hotflush Two]
12.Likhan – Terre [7even]
13.Surgeon – Right Road To Dubland [Planet µ]
14.DJ Cure – Activate [unsigned]
13.Shed – The Lower Upside Down (Surgeon Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
14.Monolake – Yetlag [Freebie]
15.RAkoon – Disassembled [unsigned]

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