Gunjack – Live in Santiago (Mai 2009)

Diesmal zwei neue Mixe von Gunjack. Einmal eine Live Aufnahme aus Santiago und dann ein Mix für die Radioshow von Stormfield.
Beide Mixe sind genau der “Mongrel-Sound” wie Gunjack es beschreibt, eine perfekte Fusion aus hartem Techno und Dubstep.

DOWNLOAD (right click, save as…)


01. Gunjack – American Dreams (Candlenight)
02. G-Man – Quo Vadis (Styrax)
03. Solcyc – Off The Man (Gunjack Remake) (unreleased)
04. Gunjack – Who Is Jack (Remix) (P Series)
05. 2 Bad Mice . Bombscare (Moving Shadow)
06. Ellis Dee & DJ Swanee – Ruffneck Bizznizz (RT)
07. Bracket – Coma91 (Forthcoming Consume)
08. Kicks Like a Mule – The Bouncer (RT)
09. Excision & Noiz – Do It Now (Rottun)
10. Urban Shakedown – Some Justice 91 (Urban Shakedown)
11. WIFI Of The Undead AKA Bracket – ODL (Forthcoming Consume)
12. Tango & Ratty – Tales From The Dark Side (Tango & Ratty)
13. Gunjack – You Can’t Hide (unreleased)
14. Noiz – Slashback (Yellow Machines)
15. Gunjack – Spanishtrap (Remix) (Forthcoming Planet Rhythm)
16. Jay Wong – Yautja Commander (Gunjack Dub) (Forthcoming Public Frequency)
17. Busta Rhymes – Gimme’ Some More (Flipmode)
18. Gunjack – The Jack The Wipe (Jacked Series)
19. Gunjack – The Black Hand (Blueline)
20. Gunjack – Jack Is Dead (Remix) (Jacked Series)
21. Gunjack – Girl I’ll Jack You (Jacked Series)
22. Public Energy aka Speedy J – Three ‘O’ Three (Probe)
23. Inner City – Big Fun (Gunjack Edit) (Jacked Series)
24. Gunjack – It Takes 2 To Jack (Jacked Series)

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